Keep track of all current ethereum scams in a large database
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Ethereum Scam Database

An open-source database to keep track of all the current ethereum scams


Make sure you have both Node.JS and Git installed.

Rename config.exmaple.js to config.js and replace the placeholders with your keys.

Then, open a command line anywhere and run the following commands:

git clone

npm install

node run.js

The command line should now exit, asking you to update the config.js file with correct values. Please use your own API keys. When you're done, launch run.js again:

node run.js

Generating should take a couple of minutes the first time or after a clean, but when cache.json is already present it should launch instantly.


  • --clean Clean up all the old files and folders
  • --update Manually update all content


Fork this project and edit _data/scams.yaml. Every item can have the following properties:

  • id: A unique incremental integer
  • name: The title of the scam, should probably not be longer than 64 characters
  • status: The status of a scam. If status isn't provided and url is, status will be autogenerated with the --update flag (Optional)
  • description: A full description for the scam (Optional)
  • url: The protocol + hostname for a scam website, without a trailing / (Optional)
  • category: The category under which the item falls (Optional)
  • addresses: An array of all ethereum addresses that were involved in this scam, with leading '0x' (Optional)


To make use of our database, the following API can be used:


If you would like to help without contributing on GitHub yourself you can send some ETH or ERC20 tokens to etherscamdb.eth 👏