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What is MadCam ?

MadCam is a Tool that can grab cam shots of targeted phone's of front camera or PC's webcam by just sending a link.

MadCam latest Version

v1.1 is the latest version of MadCam.

How MadCam Works ?

First of all MadCam tool host a phishing site on attacker local network. This tool gives two port forwarding option (NGROK or SERVEO) to take website over the internet. Now come on the main Point, attacker simply open the tool by using terminal and generate a link, when Link is generated attacker send that link to the target. If target open the link, target ip will transfer to the attacker. After Website load, the website ask for Camera access and when target give the permission the website will take cam shots one by one and send it to the Attacker.


  • Two port forwarding option (NGROK or SERVEO)
  • Live target image.
  • Easy to use
  • Gives anonymity
  • It gives you Responsive Website.
  • Auto Installation (Termux).

The Tool is for :

  • Kali Linux
  • Termux
  • MacOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Perrot Sec OS
  • Garuda Linux

Requirements :

  • Better Internet Connection
  • 300 Storage

Installation for Android [Termux]

To install MadCam Tool you have to start termux first then further move on :

  • git clone
  • cd MadCam
  • bash
  • bash

Note : will automatically start MadCam after successfully installation and if you starting 2nd time then you have to type bash

How To view The Inage?

To view to image, You have to type.

  • ls
  • mv [image_name.png] ~/storage

Note : You can see the image in Internal Storage.

Language is used to Make this tool

  • Bash Script
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • CSS


MadCam tool is only for Educational Purpose. If any user use MadCam Tool is For illegal purpose or taking revenge, In this case the owner will not Responsible. Use of MadCam tool is Complete Responsibility of the user. If any User misuse MadCam tool then the tool and its owner will not Responsible.


MadCam is a Tool that can grab cam shots of targeted phone's of front camera or PC's webcam by just sending a link.








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