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See the blog post.


  • To not ‘install’ anything
  • To be entirely self contained other than a single hook into the user’s profile
  • To be removed as easily as removing the single hook and removing the directory
  • To be easily extended by adding a single directory, potentially outside the project
  • To be updated by simply running git pull
  • To be ignorant of whether you are on a Mac
  • To play nicely with existing profiles and configuration


I suggest you fork the repo, so that you can make your own additions. If you do anything cool then give me a shout / send me a pull request and I will look at merging it in.

From wherever you want to check out the project, run:

git clone[YOUR-USERNAME]/bash-dotfiles-bindle.git


To update:

cd bash-dotfiles-bindle
git pull


Either locate which module you want to change or create a new module directory. Inside the module, put any autocomplete commands in a script named autocomplete, any aliases in a files named something.alias, any functions in files named something.functions and any other bash you want to be run in files named something.bash. Anything you put in a bin directory under a module will be added to the path.

There is no functionality to make actual dotfiles (e.g. .gitconfig) appear in your home directory, as I couldn’t think of a nice way of doing that without breaching one of the aims above. Instead, I have used a script to wrap the command and merge in configuration at run time (although at the moment this leaves tmp files behind).


  • Colourised Grep highlighting
  • SSH hostname completion from .ssh/known_hosts
  • Sensible large .bash_history defaults
  • Recording of common typos on the command line for future consideration
  • A shortcut to start an HTTP server serving static content from a directory
  • Environment variables and functions to output coloured text
  • Hostname is set as the tab title (no idea how this will work on non OS X systems, but don’t think I’ve broken my rule…)
  • Correctly sorted du -sh to stand in while we wait for sort -h to become available