Disable the arrow keys in Vim to force you to use the built in movement mappings
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#dogmatic.vim - Arrow keys are heretical Dogmatic is a Vim plugin that disables the arrow keys and lets you know how often you try to use them.

I don't recommend Dogmatic for new Vim users, but once you are ready to fully embrace Vim you should find this plugin to be helpful in leveling up your muscle memory of Vim's movement mappings.

Dogmatic does not prevent you from using the arrow keys on the cmdline.

##Installation I recommend using pathogen to manage your Vim plugins. If you wish to manually install this plugin, copy the dogmatic.vim file into your ~/.vim/plugin directory.


Once you install the dogmatic.vim plugin it will automatically disable your arrow keys. Vim will show a message at the bottom of the window when you try to use your arrow keys.

In order to see Dogmatic's output in Insert mode you will need to add this line to your vimrc.

set cmdheight=2

You can set a timeout value (in milliseconds) for Dogmatic so that it will only count the first arrow press in a sequence where you press multiple arrow keys

:let g:dogmatic_timeout = 1000  "one second timeout


:let g:dogmatic_timeout = 500   "half a second timeout

Note that if Vim is not compiled with the +reltime feature, the minimum interval between key presses that Dogmatic can see is 1 second, meaning any value of g:dogmatic_timeout below 1000 will be regarded as 0.