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Boolean OG sample

This sample demonstrates use of the Facebook SDK to create and query Open Graph Actions. It consists of two views.
The first view allows the user to post two different types of Open Graph Actions to their Timeline, depending on whether
they ANDed or ORed two Boolean values. The second view allows the user to view a list of their friends who have also
installed the BooleanOG app, select one of those friends, and retrieve a list of the actions that that friend has
recently posted.

It can serve as the basis for integrating Facebook into a real-world app that has multiple types of Open Graph actions
and that allows a user to view their friends' recent app-related activity directly from within the app.

Build Requirements
iOS 4.0 SDK

Runtime Requirements
iPhone OS 4.0 or later

Using the Sample
Install the Facebook SDK for iOS.
Launch the BooleanOGSample project using Xcode from the <Facebook SDK>/samples/BooleanOGSample directory.

Changes from Previous Versions
1.0 - First release.