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Sample Vim configuration files which enable Python autocomplete with virtualenv support, file structure tree (NERDTree), fuzy file and buffer finder and many more...
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Vim configuration file

This is my Vim configuration files.


The first of all make sure you have installed Vim (version 7.4 or higher) or neovim.

Fetch the Vim source files from GitHub repository:

$ git clone ~/.vim

Install Vundle (plug-in manager for Vim):

$ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

Download and install all plugins:

$ vim +PluginInstall +qall

And that's all...


Fuzzy find file (CTRL+F)

Fuzzy find file

Python autocomplete

Python autocomplete

Python syntax checking

Python syntax checking


  • switching between buffers - ,1 ... 6
  • close buffer - ,w
  • next buffer - ,,
  • previous buffer - ,.
  • switching between windows - Tab
  • open/close NERDTree - ,n
  • find current file in NERDTree - ,s
  • open tags - ,t
  • Fuzy find file - CTRL+F
  • Find find buffer - CTRL+B


  • 2016-Mar-29 - Change theme to light colors
  • 2014-Jan-17 - Add Goyo Mode
  • 2014-Jan-14 - Initial version
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