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🐺 🚧 Yellfy is a simple template for your new web application or website.
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English description | Описание на русском


Yellfy is a very simple project template designed specifically for those who do not want to spend time on setting up your workspace. Yellfy is based on the time-tested tools and some new solutions that were specifically designed for this project.

What this project differs from other projects?

The Yellfy project is not a universal solution and this project is not intended to meet the needs of all developers. For this there is a Yeoman generators or such universal projects as TARS.

Standing before Yellfy is a task of providing maximum optimized and documented working environment without hundreds unnecessary dependencies. Specifically for Yellfy was developed their own dependency loader (yellfy-use), Gulp task manager (yellfy-loader), module for determining inheritance of Pug templates (yellfy-pug-inheritance) and sprite generator (yellfy-svg-sprite). In addition, has been developed a command line utility (yellfy-cli) that allows you to deploy new instances of Yellfy and create pages and components.


Yellfy maximum optimized for continuous development. Just run Yellfy and write code. The process of adding images into the build, creating sprites, compiling preprocessor files and many other processes will be automatically performed.


Yellfy aims to make the project modular. Template, styles and scripts files are divided into modules, so you can copy them from project to the project when necessary. Style files will be picked up and are compiled automatically.


Yellfy is based on Normalize.css and includes a micro CSS framework, which includes only most necessary to jump-start work on almost any projects: typography, grid (flexbox or float (on request)), buttons, forms, lists and tables.


Yellfy created by people for people who make mistakes. Therefore, almost any errors that occur during the development process, will be processed and displayed in a concise and easy for understanding form.


Detailed and up-to-date documentation is available in the docs directory.

Plugins for editors or IDE

To work with Yellfy, we recommend the following plugins for editors or IDE's:

Visual Studio Code


The repository that contains the versions of micro CSS framework for Less, Sass and Stylus:

The repository that contains the versions of templates (Pug, Nunjucks):

Repository of projects created specifically for Yellfy:


See the Releases section of our GitHub project for changelogs for each release version.


This software is released under the terms of the MIT license.

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