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piratepaperwallet is a Pirate Sapling paper wallet generator that can run completely offline. You can run it on an air-gapped computer to generate your shielded z-addresses, which will allow you to keep your keys completely offline.


piratepaperwallet is available as pre-built binaries from our release page. Download the zip file for your platform, extract it and run the ./piratepaperwallet binary.

Generating wallets

To generate a pirate paper wallet, simply run ./piratepaperwallet

You'll be asked to type some random characters that will add entropy to the random number generator. Run with --help to see all options

Saving as PDFs

To generate a pirate paper wallet and save it as a PDF, run ./piratepaperwallet -z 3 --format pdf piratepaper-output.pdf

This will generate 3 shielded z-addresses and their corresponding private keys, and save them in a PDF file called piratepaper-output.pdf

Compiling from Source

piratepaperwallet is built with rust. To compile from source, you install Rust. Basically, you need to:

curl -sSf | sh

Chekout the piratepaperwallet repository and build the CLI

git clone
cd piratepaperwallet/cli
cargo build --release

The binary is available in the piratepaperwallet/cli/target/release folder.

Run without network

If you are running a newish version of Linux, you can be doubly sure that the process is not contacting the network by running piratepaperwallet without the network namespace.

sudo unshare -n ./target/release/piratepaperwallet

unshare -n runs the process without a network interface which means you can be sure that your data is not being sent across the network.

Help options

    piratepaperwallet [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [output]

    -e, --entropy    Provide additional entropy to the random number generator. Any random string, containing 32-64
    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -n, --nohd       Don't reuse HD keys. Normally, piratepaperwallet will use the same HD key to derive multiple
                     addresses. This flag will use a new seed for each address
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -f, --format <FORMAT>         What format to generate the output in [default: json]  [possible values: pdf, json]
    -z, --zaddrs <z_addresses>    Number of Z addresses (Sapling) to generate [default: 1]

    <output>    Name of output file.
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