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1 parent 9861be4 commit 01fc8c7f1c0cec080fb5d2e39c6398d8353e8e5a @WalterBright WalterBright committed Sep 6, 2011
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@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@ $(VERSION 055, Sep 4, 2011, =================================================,
result, its signature has been changed. The old version and
std.string.maketrans have been scheduled for deprecation.)
$(LI has been updated so that it works with any string type.)
+ $(LI std.conv.parse works for associative array and static array)
+ $(LI std.format: Improvement of formatValue and unformatValue.
+ They now works for associative array, consider element escaping,
+ and treat range format spec more properly.)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5967): Mangling of ArgClose for variadic function is swapped)
@@ -44,10 +48,18 @@ $(VERSION 055, Sep 4, 2011, =================================================,
$(LI Unlisted bug: std.range.transversal should have length)
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 3890): Bad writeln of a nested struct)
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 4977): cannot use nothrow or pure with Rebindable)
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5237): writefln doesn't respect Complex.toString)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 5645): std.range.drop())
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 5825): write is calling a deprecated function)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6064): std.array.join is unnecssarily slow for strings)
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6194): [GSoC] Destructor gets called on object before it is copied when calling writeln())
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6261): [2.054 beta regression] Regex cannot take a char[])
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6377): should check range when changing signedness)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 6587): std.parallelism's Task cannot handle immutable values)
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6606): RefCounted doesn't work with unions due to use of format)
+ $(LI $(BUGZILLA 6608): Tuple field is not escaped)
$(LI $(BUGZILLA 1471): Linker error on template function. Error 42: Symbol Undefined ...)

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