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What is IGX?

IGX stands for Instant Games Extension, it is basically a replacement object for the Facebook Instant Games FBInstant object which enables developers to:
  • Provide a single API to all web game developers with great game, social and monetisation features. Write your game once and deploy to everywhere
  • Deploy games created that use the Facebook Instant Games API to the web and beyond with little to no code changes
  • Build instant game features into existing games before deploying to the Instant Games platform, saving valuable time and money
  • Bolster the existing Instant Games platform with new features via FBInstant.ext, such as real time user to user communication

Why IGX?

IGX was created to enable developers to maximise their development time and money. It's difficult and time consuming to port games to Instant Games taking into consideration platform features, but its also more difficult to port games from Instant Games to web because so many features are lost without considerable back-end work to replace them. IGX attempts to replace some features that the IG platform provides to enable the developer to retain as much functionality as possible.

What features are available?

The following features are available:

What other features are available?

The layer also includes additional functionality that is available outside of the Facebook Instants API, these features include:
  • Login status
  • User registration
  • Account conversion
  • Password management
  • Profile query and modification
  • Add / remove / find friends
  • Real time user to user messaging
  • Referral system
  • User chat
  • Sharing on Twitter and other networks

What features will be coming?

  • Contexts
  • Portal specific services


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