Universal firewall configuration generator.
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Walls of Fire - Universal firewall configuration generator.

Ever get tired of trying to remember how to use ipfw, iptables, netsh, ipf/pf, ufw, wipfw, etc...?

Instead of trying to remember, learn the wof "simple syntax" and generate all of them:

	tcp/udp local_address/mask:local_port direction remote_address/mask:remote_port pass/deny

Enables established related on incoming ports (allow out what you allowed in).

Zero dependencies (other than a C++ compiler and the C++ STL).

Eveything but ipf/pf and wipfw cranks out commands that can be run in a terminal.

Sadly, ipf/pf and wipfw require the use of a configuration file, so that is generated instead.

Example Configuration Lines:

#DHCP Client (<> is both ways)
udp any:68<>any:67 pass

#DNS Client to Google DNS
udp any> pass

#WEB Client
tcp any>any:80 pass
tcp any>any:443 pass

#SSH Server
tcp any<any:22 pass

Example Usage:

bin/wofgen_iptables rules.wof

cat rules.wof|bin/wofgen_ipfw

type rules.wof|bin\wofgen_netsh

Web Version: