Tool to audit your daily vim usage
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Vim Analyzer (WIP)

Every keystroke, command, and edit is tracked in vim.

You could build something that analyzes a combination of .viminfo, undo files, and keystroke output that reports on your daily vim usage and gives you back hints, tips, and optimizations for more efficient text editing. The productization / design of the interface could work a number of different ways (not mutually exclusive)

  • Could give you a report within vim when you close vim (and save it for future usage)
  • Could email a report or create a webpage with the stats (could track efficiency over time)

Feature ideas

  • Return a list of macros or functions for repeated command sequences above a certain count or percentage threshold
  • Show stats from daily usage and compares you to other people (opt-in).
  • Show total amount of commands used
  • How many times you read help, related topic links
  • If :q is used more than once in a row suggest using :only
  • Create session file that loads most commonly used files per directory into buffer
  • Suggest use of shorthand notation when longhand is used for commands i.e
    • :help :h
    • :split :sp
    • :vsplit :vsp
    • :bnext :bn
You recorded 32 macros today
You recorded 16 macros that you've recorded previously
You used j more than once in a row 245 times. Consider using / or text objects to move more efficiently. This could save you x keystrokes and y time.


npm install
npm start

Using a file that isn't ~/.viminfo

Currently npm start just calls node index.js If you want to use an alternate path/name for your viminfo file you can pass in the file name as an argument

node index.js # uses ~/.viminfo
node index.js dummyVimInfo # for trying out another file