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@cssstats @dwyl @tachyons-css @c8r
Feross Aboukhadijeh feross

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Mad Scientist

Non-profit WebTorrent Mountain View, CA

Genevieve Gaudet glgaudet

Assistant Director of Innovation & Design, NYC Mayor's Office

New York, NY

Marcus Relacion marcusrelacion

Junior UI Designer at Clarabridge

Clarabridge Washington, D.C.

Johnny Ray Austin recursivefunk

Senior Engineering Manager @socialtables • IT Advisory Board for the National Academy Foundation •Tech Advising Black Girls Code

Social Tables Washington, DC

Jenn jennz0r


@eventbrite San Francisco, CA

Colm colmtuite

Design and code @marvelapp Built Working on Bantam CSS.

Freelance Ireland

Dan Abramov gaearon

Co-authored Redux, Create React App, React Hot Loader, React DnD. Helping improve @reactjs.

@facebook London, UK

John Otander johnotander


@clearbit Boise, Idaho

Daniel Eden daneden

Facebook San Francisco, CA

Iheanyi Ekechukwu iheanyi

Software Engineer @digitalocean. Also likes to design things.

@digitalocean Brooklyn, NY

Mu-An ✌️ Chiou muan

Taiwan #1.

GitHub Not San Francisco

Parsha Pourkhomami parshap

aboutLife San Francisco, CA

Jason Long jasonlong

Designerd working on the Website.

GitHub Columbus, Ohio

Heather Arthur harthur

Lover of all things computational

San Francisco, USA

fat fat

bumpers internet jail

Connor Sears connors

Building @GitHub. Formerly at @Twitter and @Pinterest. Kentucky moonshiner. I bless the rains down in Africa.

GitHub Castro Valley, CA

Chris Wanstrath defunkt


@github San Francisco

=^._.^= maxogden

recruiters: dont email me if I dont respond to your PR you should send me a DM on twitter

Non-profit @datproject Oregon

Glen Maddern geelen

Melbourne, Australia

Alan O'Connor alanoc San Francisco

Harry Roberts csswizardry

Consultant Front-end Architect • @inuitcss Lead

CSS Wizardry Leeds, UK

Diana Mounter broccolini

Actually more into potatoes :fries:. Design Systems lead at @github.

GitHub @designs-for-humans New York

Miriam Suzanne mirisuzanne

Co-Founder of @oddbird, core contributor to @Compass, author for @sitepoint, creator of Susy, True, and many other @sass toolkits for developers.

@oddbird Denver, CO

Nathan Lee informanddelight

Pantheon Systems San Francisco

Thomas Reynolds tdreyno

Award Winning Fjords Portland, OR

Andrey Sitnik ai

Author of Autoprefixer, PostCSS and Logux

@evilmartians Saint Petersburg, Russia

Donielle Berg donnieberg

Salesforce United States

Thomas Schluchter schluchter San Francisco

Carl CarlNelson

Clever San Francisco, CA

bartekd drojdjou

Founder of Kuula, home of the creative 360° image & photography | Interactive designer + developer. Unity3d, WebGL, JS/CSS, Android.

Kuula Los Angeles, California

Linus Torvalds torvalds

Linux Foundation Portland, OR

Kalin Wood kalinwood

RetailMeNot Austin, TX

Alex Baldwin alexbaldwin

Keep it simple, keep it casual.


kj kristoferjoseph

Dream ⌁ Create ⌁ Collaborate

@smallwins Bay Area

Jeffrey Larrimore okayjeffrey

I say words funny, love vietnamese food & if you can't find me I'm probably skateboarding somewhere.

SAM WAS San Francisco

Jordan Moore jordanmoore

Design thinker, product maker