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This includes my configuration for ZSH, git, psql, irb, tmux and others.


  • git
  • make


To set up all of the files as symlinks in your home directory, just run this:

make all


ZSH is set up to have full completion for killing processes, cd-ing to a directory, ssh-ing to known hosts and other stuff.


The Vim keybindings are activated by default. Plus some non-Vim keybindings:

  • Ctrl-R to search back in ZSH history incrementally.
  • Ctrl-S to search forward in ZSH history incrementally.
  • Ctrl-Y to accept a search result.
  • Ctrl-P to go back in history.
  • Ctrl-N to go forward in history.
  • Ctrl-A to go to the beginning of the line.
  • Ctrl-E to go to the end of the line.
  • Ctrl-Q to push the current line onto the stack to run a new command.


Some aliases that are set up:

  • hs - Search through ZSH history.
  • tma - Attach to a running a tmux session.
  • tmn - Create a new tmux session.
  • fazz - Use fzz with ag.
  • fizz - Use fzz with find.

There are also shortcuts for the most commonly used git subcommands and other stuff.

Aliases that only work on Linux, or only work on OS X, are in zsh.d/ and zsh.d/ respectively and sourced automatically.


Some functions defined in zshrc:

  • mkdircd - Create a directory and cd into it.
  • serve - Serve the current directory with Python's SimpleHTTPServer.
  • gifs3 - Push a gif to S3 and copy the resulting URL to the clipboard.
  • vimfzz - Run fzz with ag and open the results in Vim.
  • cdzz - Find files with fzz and find, then cd into the first resulting directory.


The ZSH prompt shows the current directory, the current git branch, whether the git branch is dirty or not.

The prompt also shows whether a background job is running in the current session or not. Here it is without a background job and a dirty directory:

Prompt with dirty directory and no background job.

Here is the prompt after Vim has been suspended with Ctrl-Z:

Prompt with dirty directory and a background job.

The setup here allows me to define a new color for the current directoy on each machine I clone this repo to, by adding the file zsh.d/dir_info_color.

Prompt with different color


Vim is set up as the default editor in psql with PSQL_EDITOR, so it starts when \e is used in psql.

The delay for key combinations is redureced with KEYTIMEOUT. EDITOR is, of course, Vim.

Go is also set up. As is the PATH.

Platform-dependent environment variables are set up in zsh.d/ and zsh.d/


My dotfiles, including configuration for zsh, tmux, psql



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