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Welcome to JCurl!

JCurl is a collection of computer software components concerning the winter olympics sport of curling. It comes with libraries

jc-core : curl- and collission engines, collission detection, storage and other basic concepts,
jc-piccolo : sophisticated 2D display components using the Piccolo2D ZUI Java Toolkit,
jc-demo : some demo applications and experiments

Why use JCurl?

JCurl provides a well structured, modular base architecture with many typical curling concepts provided out of the box. So it allows you to focus on the parts of your application you're really after and use readymade components for the rest.

E.g. if you're focus is HCI, build your own UI ontop the curl-, collission- and storage engines.
If you want to experiment with physics, use the ready-made graphics widgets for display and develop your own implementations of a Collider or Curler.

Did I mention jcurl is fast? I mean really fast?

And - best of all - JCurl free and open source!


  • well structured, modular architecture
  • comprehensive (curl & collission, storage, display)
  • extensible (use your own curl-, collission-, collission detection, storage, etc. engines)
  • small
  • no dependencies except commons-logging.
  • runtime integration of commons-math or jscience possible
  • fast
  • platform independent (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unixes)
  • free and open source Rather than linking to the same page twice, why not include a link to the actual license here?

Have a glimpse

Tactics Demo Application.]] Check out the Tactics Demo Application a.k.a. JCurlShotPlanner.

Learn more

See the Community Portal, the Design Section or some off-topic stuff.

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