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If the "Launch" link above doesn't launch Java Webstart visit Sun's Webstart demo page and try to launch the applications there. Follow the troubleshooting intructions if necessary and return here when Java Webstart is set up properly.

If you're not sure what this Webstart is all about - there's a nice Wikipedia article.

Unable to launch the application

<gallery widths="150px" heights="70px" perrow="1"> Image:ShotGnomeUnableToLaunch.png|Unable to launch Application </gallery>

If you see this dialog, click the "Details" button to see what's wrong.

Unable to load the resource

<gallery widths="150px" heights="120px" perrow="2"> Image:ShotGnomeUnableToLoadResource.png|Unable to load Resource Image:ShotGnomeJavaCacheViewer.png|JWS <a href="" target="_blank">Cache Manager</a>. </gallery>

The "Details" speak of "Unable to load resource".


The application wants to load a file that's not there. This is typical after internally reorganising dependencies.


Use the Java Webstart Cache Manager to delete all jcurl stuff (URLs starting with and launch the desired application again.

Window Frame without Content

<gallery widths="150px" heights="110px" perrow="1"> Image:Webstart-vista-bug.png|Webstart OpenGL Pain on Vista </gallery>

A dialog without content comes up.


The application wants to use OpenGL but that doesn't work right. It's related to Rendering issues on Vista caused by use of GDI and DDraw on onscreen surfaces


Complain to the application publisher to disable OpenGL usage for your platform.


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