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Broom Prompt

Marcus Rohrmoser edited this page Mar 29, 2011 · 1 revision

The Broomprompt is an icon to indicate and manipulate

  • handle (In- or Out-Turn),
  • speed (Split Time) and
  • direction where the rock is played to
in an intuitive way right in the graphics panel.

It must work in a wide zoom range from a very detailed view (e.g. only the house) up to large scale overviews (the whole sheet).

Check out this Java Webstart Demo or some static images below:

<gallery caption="Various simple cross-hair like broom prompts" widths="200px" heights="300px" perrow="2"> image:BroomPrompt1.png image:BroomPrompt2.png image:BroomPrompt3.png image:BroomPrompt4.svg </gallery>


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