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Table of Contents

JCurlShotPlanner a.k.a. Tactics Demo Application

Tactics PlannerTactics Planner

Download & Launch

Java Webstart.

Java Webstart will ask three times if you trust the application. This is

  • for the application itself (~ 150 K download),
  • some 3rdparty libraries I bundled extra to avoid further downloads when the application changes (~ 700 K download)
  • the batik svg libraries (~ 250 K download)
So the very first launch will download all the program, 3rdparty and batik libs while subsequent launches will download the program files only and only if there's a new version.

Demo Data

I prepared some situations to download (use File->Open URL or CTRL-SHIFT-O to open them)

What's under the hood

What's not there

  • Literature
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Web2.0 / J2EE / Spring / Ruby
  • Multitouch
  • Action

Nice to have

  • selective Undo
  • builtin online Collaborative Editing
  • support sweeping rocks (lacking physical model)
  • manage sets of multiple shots plus slideshow (lacking managing gui)
  • annotate or tag shots (lacking managing gui)
  • publish or share set of shots online
  • animation (replay in realtime or fast motion)

Development Resources

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