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Utility to transfer all of your posts from one Tumblr blog to another via reblogging.
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Utility to transfer all of your posts from one Tumblr blog to another via reblogging.

WARNING: this tool deletes the posts from the original blog after reblogging!

Install with

Download one of the pre-built binaries for your platform on the Releases tab.

Alternatively install from source (Requires a working Go installation):

go get -u


You must register an "application" with Tumblr to get a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

Setup environment (or optionally use CLI flags):

export REBLOGGR_CONSUMER_SECRET=zb4twxxxxxxxxxwPZoLB

Generate an OAUTH 1.0 token so that the tool can act on behalf of your Tumblr account:

$ rebloggr token
(1) Go to:
(2) Grant access, you should be redirected to a page with a "oauth_verifier" value in the URL.
(3) Enter that verification code here:

Token: LGwduayQxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5z4QCx
Secret: jFjuayQxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5z6UQZ

Token written to .token

This will write a .token file to your current directory with a valid OAUTH token. You should delete this file after you are finished with the application.

Now that you have a token, you can run the reblog command:

$ rebloggr reblog
Hello, the-miniaturestudentangel!
Looks like you have 2 blog(s)

Which blog to reblog FROM?


Enter a number: 1

Which blog to post TO?


Enter a number: 1

Preparing to reblog everything from to
Are you sure you want to continue? (y/n) [n]: y
[1] Reblogged 145132930378 - [the-url] to
[1] Deleted 145132930378 - [the-url]from
[2] Reblogged 145132922278 - [the-url] to
[2] Deleted 145132922278 - [the-url] from
[3] Reblogged 145132920193 - [the-url] to
[3] Deleted 145132920193 - [the-url] from
[4] Reblogged 145132918238 - [the-url] to
[4] Deleted 145132918238 - [the-url] from
[5] Reblogged 145132916193 - [the-url] to
[5] Deleted 145132916193 - [the-url] from
[6] Reblogged 145132911668 - [the-url] to
[6] Deleted 145132911668 - [the-url] from
[7] Reblogged 145132906568 - [the-url] to
[7] Deleted 145132906568 - [the-url] from
[8] Reblogged 145132903513 - [the-url] to
[8] Deleted 145132903513 - [the-url] from
Reblogged 8 post(s)!

It's that easy!

Keep in mind that Tumblr enforces an account limit of 250 posts per day. So depending on how many posts you have to move, it may take multiple days. If this happens you will see the following error output:

You have hit the limit of 250 posts per day, try running again after 24hrs.

Since the tool deletes each post after it re-blogs it, you can just run the tool again the next day and it will pick back up where it left off.


Currently, I've smushed everything into one main.go file, and it could use some clean-up/organization if anyone feels up to the task. Specifically the reblog function has a high cyclomatic complexity due to its length.

Pull requests are welcome. I built this tool to help my wife move ~1200 posts across her blogs, but I went ahead and open sourced it in the hopes that my work will help someone else.

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