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FailFast No Maintenance Intended

You can use FailFast to safeguard functions from bad input, and giving the caller an early warning that bad input is being passed.

// define a function, using FailFast to protect itself from bad input
function myFunction( myParam ){
        FailFast.assert.isNumber( 'myParam must be a number, you passed: ' + myParam, myParam );
        // your real code here

// call the function with bad input
myFunction( 'lorem ipsum' );

// throws Error with message property of
// "myParam must be a number, you passed: lorem ipsum"
// the execution will be halted, and the developer will immediately see
// what he's done wrong

Implemented methods

  • FailFast.assert
  • FailFast.assert.isNotNull
  • FailFast.assert.isBoolean
  • FailFast.assert.isString
  • FailFast.assert.isArray
  • FailFast.assert.isFunction
  • FailFast.assert.isDate
  • FailFast.assert.isNumber
  • FailFast.assert.isNormalNumber
  • FailFast.assert.isObject
  • FailFast.assert.hasProperty
  • FailFast.assert.match

More reading about failing fast


The tests are done using BusterJS and the excellent Sinon.JS.

Future of FailFast

  • Build script to create the following wrappers
    • jQuery plugin
    • Ender.js wrapper
  • More extensive examples of good use


FailFast uses Semantic Versioning for predictable versioning.


  • v2.0
    • Got rid of the mandatory msg argument, as it lead to a lot of repetition for very little value
    • Grouping all functions under the assert function, should be familiar for users of Buster.JS
    • Exposing the fail function, to make it easy for users to create custom assertions