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Since implementing the whole plugin during the hackfest is a not realistically achievable I tried to break it down into smaller tasks:

  • create a barebone plugin, packaged according to the OJS plugin format

  • for the time being the enriched HTML will not be stored (but will need to be done in the long run) meaning that every time a journal paper is viewed the automatic extraction will be performed

  • webservice hook: the communication between the plugin and the 3rd party NER web service has been almost implemented. I managed to have a PHP class which send a call to the web service and prints the JSON output.

  • the automatic markup of the html may be tricky: it is needed tokenisation plus keep the position (start/end) for each token in the string. best to do this at a later stage. I will start with

    containing pure text

  • templates to translate JSON into HTML ** what is being used in OJS for templating? ** with 1 to 1 correspondence between IOB entity and template: if entity=["LOC"] in the config file, then there shold be a LOC.tpl in the template directory and so on.

  • display inline citations and a sort of summary on the right hand side

A first implementation is expected to:

  • install properly with config file
  • for each paragraph in the article: ** call webservice; ** run output through template and push it into HTML; ** display summary on right hand side

== Questions ==

  • what's best recommended workflow with GIT when working on OJS
  • any plugin file structure to get started?
  • which template to change to display citation on the right
  • what's the best way to develop-test OJS