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Booster - ongoing

  • [Booster] more time (clock) - implemented

  • [Booster] telescope - more sight - implemented

  • [Booster] wind - faster sailing

  • [Booster] canon, yields,

  • [Booster] magnet (collect coins in area)

  • [Booster] call for allies - trumpet / horn - (to help with the quest)

  • [Booster] incl booster 'store' - implemented

  • [Booster] find them on the map - implemented


  • [Defect] axeman can walk on the water / ship can cross land - general tile display bug
  • [Defect] river should end at first ocean - general tile display bug
  • [Defect] dialogs have wrong display levels
  • [Defect] dialogs not centered in landscape mode


  • add beach-se-sw-nw texture (/)
  • add beach-n-ne-s-sw texture (/)
  • add beach-se-s-nw texture (/)
  • add beach-ne-se-sw-nw texture (/)
  • add beach-ne-se-s-nw texture (/)
  • add beach-ne-se-sw texture (/)
  • add beach-ne-s-sw-nw texture (/)
  • add beach-n-se-sw texture (/)
  • add beach-n-se-s (/)
  • add beach-ne-s-sw (/)
  • add beach-n-se-s-sw (/)
  • add beach-ne-se-nw (/)
  • add beach-n-ne-se-sw (/)
  • add beach-ne-s-nw (/)
  • add beach-n-se-s-nw (/)
  • add beach-n-s-nw (/)
  • add beach-n-ne-s-nw (/)
  • add beach-n-se-sw-nw (/)
  • add marsh (/)
  • shark: up+down copied from left+right
  • more units (archer)
  • more animals (wulf)
  • move unit on longclick
  • [Battle] fight between units (pirates) - concept
  • pause app when user leaves app
  • restart last game after app was ended and restarted
  • [Defect] no coins in level 1&2
  • [Defect] LevelManager can't load the levels anymore (at least 1 loads now)
  • [Defect] monstercheck is not working anymore
  • [Defect] city banner is on top of unit indicator
  • [Defest] objects are visible until first move of unit
  • [Defect] axeman starts sometimes in water
  • click on mini map should focus
  • add cities to minimap
  • color areas in civ color
  • civ specific city names
  • add city screen
  • pirates only follow units in sight
  • add zone of control to map and also display it
  • reefs as obstacles
  • rough terrain + mountain => terrain and not feature
  • less deserts
  • add tradeing ship unit that moves from city to city
  • add oasis texture and make it more likely to appear on the map
  • random city names
  • city should stay visible when discovered
  • neutral cities placed on shores
  • obstacle tiles should not be accessed
  • unit with type flag indicator and tribe (also neutral)
  • place sharks randomly
  • make start position finder more generic - place more cities
  • neutral cities
  • make new city icons with city name
  • [Defect] shark right animation wrong order
  • monster lives in ocean and avoids shore
  • scout unit
  • trade ship smaller
  • add shark as fish
  • [Defect] multiple path can be combined
  • river deltas
  • show planned path of unit (for some time)
  • add pirate ship
  • center to current unit button
  • [Defect] Level icon über settings icon
  • reset all data on options scene (debug)
  • [Defect] Copyright text tiefer
  • make monster follow user
  • multiple units (switcher)
  • show coin icon on game scene
  • add options scene
  • generic navigation
  • animate monster
  • [Defect] monster misplaced
  • store already played game results
  • [Defect] dialogs have wrong font size (too big)
  • show coins and make them collectable
  • show elapsed time
  • style splash screen
  • add game UI frame (overview map, current unit view)
  • generate maps with parameters
  • load difficulty from level
  • [Defect] sprites have wrong anchor points
  • add level introduction with level goal
  • [Defect] win or defect condition not displayed by correct reason
  • make levels time based
  • abstract game and turn game menu into level overview
  • save and load games
  • harbor as goal in game
  • make game fail when monster catches boat
  • [Defect] monster not hidden / revealed based on player sight
  • path finding only when path is discovered (fog manager part of map)
  • add harbor as game object near monster
  • [Defect] monster also reveals fog
  • hide monster when not in sight
  • game object manager
  • map centered on ship
  • ship smaller
  • add beach-ne-nw texture
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