easily send postcards to your Kickstarter backers with Lob.com
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easily send physical postcards to your Kickstarter backers with Lob.com


  1. Sign up for an account at lob.com.
  2. pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. cp config_example.json config.json
  4. Fill in your details in config.json, using the test or production API key from lob as desired.
  5. python kslob.py your-kickstarter-backer-report.csv

You can safely run kslob.py multiple times with updated exports; it will only send one postcard per address (per Lob.com API key). Note that this does mean that a backer who changes their address between exports will receive a second postcard, however this is probably A Good Thing.

How It Works

kickstarter-lob uses Lob.com to verify addresses and send physical postcards.

Given a CSV export from Kickstarter, running kslob.py will:

  1. Verify all addresses of backers, letting you know which ones failed verification.
  2. Get a list of any addresses that were already mailed postcards.
  3. Let you know how many addresses have and have not received postcards.
  4. Ask if you'd like to send postcards to any verified backers who have not yet been sent them.