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a screen-scraping API for
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a screen-scraping API for Build Status


Ensure you have Python 2 or 3 and pip (easy_install pip) and then:

pip install mintapi


from Python

From python, instantiate the Mint class (from the mintapi package) and you can make calls to retrieve account/budget information. We recommend using the keyring library for persisting credentials.

import mintapi
mint = mintapi.Mint(email, password)

# Get basic account information

# Get extended account detail at the expense of speed - requires an
# additional API call for each account

# Get budget information

# Get transactions

# Initiate an account refresh

There are, additionally, deprecated wrappers for backward compatibility with old versions of the API.

import mintapi
mintapi.get_accounts(email, password)
mintapi.get_accounts(email, password, True)
mintapi.get_budgets(email, password)
mintapi.initiate_account_refresh(email, password)

from anywhere

Run it as a sub-process from your favorite language; pip install mintapi creates a binary in your $PATH. From the command-line, the output is JSON:

usage: mintapi [-h] [--accounts] [--budgets] [--extended-accounts]
               [--transactions] [--filename FILENAME] [--keyring]
               [email] [password]

positional arguments:
  email                 The e-mail address for your account
  password              The password for your account

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --accounts            Retrieve account information (default if nothing else
                        is specified)
  --budgets             Retrieve budget information
  --extended-accounts   Retrieve extended account information (slower, implies
  --transactions, -t    Retrieve transactions
  --filename FILENAME, -f FILENAME
                        write results to file. can be {csv,json} format.
                        default is to write to stdout.
  --keyring             Use OS keyring for storing password information

>>> mintapi --keyring
    "accountName": "Chase Checking",
    "lastUpdatedInString": "25 minutes",
    "accountType": "bank",
    "currentBalance": 100.12,

If you need to avoid using pip or, you can also clone/download this repository and run: python mintapi/

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