mroonga_lock_timeout doesn't refrect when it's specified at mysqld starts up #7

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MySQL system variable "mroonga_lock_timeout" added in Mroonga 3.12 doesn't refrect lock timeout value at Groonga's layer lock, when it is setted at mysqld's startup, by my.cnf and by command-line argument.
"SET GLOBAL mroonga_lock_timeout" works well, but both of starting "bin/mysqld_safe --mroonga-lock-timeout=5" and writing "mroonga-lock-timeout= 5" into my.cnf doesn't work as expected.
Because of that, grn_set_lock_timeout is only called when "SET GLOBAL mroonga_lock_timeout"'s execution, mrn_init should call grn_set_lock_timeout too.

How to repeat:
--write mroonga-lock-timeout=5 into my.cnf and start mysqld.
--at connection 1.
mysql> SELECT @@global.mroonga_lock_timeout; -- This prints "5" as expected.
mysql> CREATE DATABASE mroonga;
mysql> CREATE TABLE mroonga.t1 (num int) Engine= Mroonga;
--at connection 2.
shell> ruby -e require "groonga";"/path/to/mroonga.mrn"); Groonga["t1"].lock; exit' # force locking table.
--at connection 1.
mysql> INSERT INTO mroonga.t1 VALUES (1); -- This doesn't return over "5"ms as expected.

(gdb) bt
#0 0x0000003eb480ed2d in nanosleep () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007fb46d4bb1d9 in grn_nanosleep (nanoseconds=) at ctx.c:82
#2 0x00007fb46d5c30f2 in grn_io_lock (ctx=0x7fb41c03f518, io=0x7fb41c36be30, timeout=10000000) at io.c:1320


grn_io_lock receives timeout value 10000000, this isn't the value specified in my.cnf.

Suggested fix:
Add grn_set_lock_timeout() in mrn_init() like attached patch.

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kou commented Apr 22, 2014

I've merged it!


Thank you for your acceptance.

Would you record this patch author is "GMO Media, Inc." to next relnote?
The company name in Japanese, "GMOメディア株式会社", which I'm working for.


kou commented Apr 28, 2014


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