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Frequently Asked Questions about Emojitracker


Who built Emojitracker?

Emojitracker was created by Matthew Rothenberg, an independent artist and hacker living in Brooklyn, NY.

Why did you make Emojitracker?


How much has Emojitracker tracked?

Billions of tweets of containing emoji, hundreds every second. The latest grand total can always be obtained via this link which is a live count. For press purposes we typically ask you to use that number rounded down to the nearest hundred million, with a qualifier explaining the units (tweets containing emoji) and attributing the source (

For example, at time of this writing, you could say something like "6.1 billion tweets containing emoji, as tracked by".

All values are incremental since Emojitracker first launched.

When did Emojitracker first launch?

4 July 2013. The :fireworks: :hamburger: and :us: emojis were doing quite well that day.

Press Related

Information useful for people writing an article.

I would like to interview you directly about Emojitracker.

Email me at

What articles have been written about Emojitracker already?

I try to maintain a (woefully incomplete) list here:

If you know of something good that is missing, please shoot me an email.


Who controls Emoji?

There is a pretty good article with some background here that answers much of the basics:

How did you build Emojitracker?

I wrote a blog post about some of the challenges here:

(Note this post is somewhat out of date, there have been some infrastructure updates since it was published.)

Why are there two red hearts?

Coming soon.

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