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🐱🐶 A quick hack to compare keyword counts in the Twitter Streaming API, using puppies and kittens.
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A quick hack to compare keyword counts in the twitter streaming API. I used cats and dogs in a stunning lack of creativity.

Later on I decided to play with Server-Side Events as a more compatible subset of WebSockets for realtime streaming. So I suppose this project could serve as a template for someone who wants to see either how to subscribe to and monitor via the Twitter streaming API with redis backing, and/or how to monitor that in realtime via a web UI using SSE or polling.


The app uses heroku-style configuration via environment variables, so the easiest way to do local development is to make sure you have an .env file with the needed variables:


And then run the needed processes via foreman start.

How stuff works

Tweetstream process

Managed via tweetstream.rb, it subscribes to the Twitter streaming API, and then tracks a count of matching terms in Redis, and keeps a FIFO list of the most recent matching tweets in a constantly truncated redis list. It also now squirts each matching tweet out over redis PUBLISH so that clients can stream from it in realtime.

Web process

Can you guess where this is? I bet you can. (hint: web.rb)

Web UI (polling)

Nothing much special here, values are retreived from redis and made available via the /data endpoint. The web UI periodically polls it via AJAX and updates the interface.

Web UI (streaming)

As an experiment, this was later refactored to have a SSE endpoint at /subscribe which is populated via a secondary redis SUBSCRIBE connection on a thread. You can use JS EventSource binding to then get realtime updates, which after building I actually found to be uglier in terms of UI, but it's an interesting academic exercise which could have good applications somewhere else.

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