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0.1.4 (28 May 2012)
* set device on mac via --device (or LOLCOMMITS_DEVICE env variable) --
thanks @pioz (pull #51)
0.1.3 (18 May 2012)
* add LGPLv3 license
* add option to translate your commit message to lolspeak! (thx
to @DanielleSucher!). To enable, set `LOLCOMMITS_TRANZLATE=1`.
* fix issue with older versions of IM crashing on interline spacing (pull #31 via @german)
* fix issue with git repos with no hooks directory (pull #43 via @mkmaster)
* fix missing dash in capture -c
0.1.2 (22 April 2012)
* provide licensing info for CommandCam (Windows)
* bundle imagesnap as well to remove a dependency on Mac OS X
0.1.1 (21 April 2012)
* Windows compatibility! Thanks to @Prydonious.
0.1.0 (19 April 2012)
* Linux compatibility! Thanks to @madjar, @cscorely, and @Prydonius.
0.0.3 (16 April 2012)
* use only first line for multi-line commit msgs (pull req #21)
* clean up some command line options
0.0.2 (2 April 2012)
* add --delay option to delay image capture (thx JohanB), can be
persistently set via LOLCOMMITS_DELAY environment variable.
* add --last command to view most recent lolcommit for a repo
* add --browse command to open the lolcommit images directory for a particular repo
0.0.1 (29 March 2012)
* initial release as a gem package, major refactoring for this
* refactored to remove git-hooks package dependency, now installs stub hook
directly into each git repo
* wordwrap commit_msg manually, to switch to use imagemagick annotate
instead of compositing multiply image Caption objects (this seems to be more
reliable to not glitch.)
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