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storing lolcommits directly in git #40

windo opened this Issue May 17, 2012 · 9 comments

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windo commented May 17, 2012

possibly the image could be stored by cgit:
git notes --ref lolcommits add --file=<image>

i didn't notice the git gem supporting git notes atm. next step would obviously be to request github to show the lolcommits from repos. they currently support text notes (, but no mention of image notes (yet!), didn't try either though.

mroth commented May 18, 2012

Huh, this is really interesting, I wasn't aware of the notes functionality. Really cool. Perhaps in conjunction with a URL of an image once upload is added (see #33 and #39).

Does Github support markdown display in git notes?

nohn commented May 18, 2012

But please make it configurable. You may not want to upload your lolcommits for every repository you have enable lolcommits for nor may you want to upload every lolcommit.

mroth commented May 18, 2012

@nohn when image upload is added, it will definitely be optional (and auto-upload off by default).


If you wanted to do upload based on commit, you could have some sort of tag at the end of the message (except that you could forget) or a prompt before it takes a snap (which could get annoying).


On a side note, you can just add code to the post-commit hook.

I have mine on commit, grabbing the file name, rsyncing to a server, and then auto posting to works internal chat room.


But you might want to choose which commits you want to upload even in one project.


We use this modified Post-Commit script to append our lolcommit images to each of our commits.

Hopefully this can help someone (It's pretty dirty code but it gets the job done, assumes you're using github)


It would also be cool to configure a separate git repo, just for the lol commits. Keeping them in the repo of the code may be too much.

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