Configuring Plugins

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Lolcommits has a collection of plugins that can perform additional work on your lolcommit before and/or after capturing. All plugins are packaged and installed as gems. To list currently installed plugins use:

lolcommits --plugins

Enabling and setting options

You can enable, configure or disable a plugin with the --config option:

lolcommits --config
# or
lolcommits --config -p {plugin-name}

Set the enabled flag to true or false to turn a plugin ON or OFF. Uninstalling the plugin gem also disables it (but does retain the plugin configuration, should you wish to install it again in the future).

You can always check the repo's current configuration file (at $HOME/.lolcommits/$REPOSITORY_NAME/config.yml) with this command:

lolcommits --show-config
# OR
lolcommits -sc

To update a plugin, just install the latest gem version.

Developing your own plugin?

Follow this guide at the Lolcommits Plugin Sample README. If you do create a new plugin, add it to the list below!

And now.. the plugins!

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