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/*! \class RtError
\brief Exception handling class for RtAudio & RtMidi.
The RtError class is quite simple but it does allow errors to be
"caught" by RtError::Type. See the RtAudio and RtMidi
documentation to know which methods can throw an RtError.
#ifndef RTERROR_H
#define RTERROR_H
#include <exception>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
class RtError : public std::exception
//! Defined RtError types.
enum Type {
WARNING, /*!< A non-critical error. */
DEBUG_WARNING, /*!< A non-critical error which might be useful for debugging. */
UNSPECIFIED, /*!< The default, unspecified error type. */
NO_DEVICES_FOUND, /*!< No devices found on system. */
INVALID_DEVICE, /*!< An invalid device ID was specified. */
MEMORY_ERROR, /*!< An error occured during memory allocation. */
INVALID_PARAMETER, /*!< An invalid parameter was specified to a function. */
INVALID_USE, /*!< The function was called incorrectly. */
DRIVER_ERROR, /*!< A system driver error occured. */
SYSTEM_ERROR, /*!< A system error occured. */
THREAD_ERROR /*!< A thread error occured. */
//! The constructor.
RtError( const std::string& message, Type type = RtError::UNSPECIFIED ) throw() : message_(message), type_(type) {}
//! The destructor.
virtual ~RtError( void ) throw() {}
//! Prints thrown error message to stderr.
virtual void printMessage( void ) throw() { std::cerr << '\n' << message_ << "\n\n"; }
//! Returns the thrown error message type.
virtual const Type& getType(void) throw() { return type_; }
//! Returns the thrown error message string.
virtual const std::string& getMessage(void) throw() { return message_; }
//! Returns the thrown error message as a c-style string.
virtual const char* what( void ) const throw() { return message_.c_str(); }
std::string message_;
Type type_;
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