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-This library will fetch raw data from the following sources:
+Technically I use this to import lots of film data for my site, [filmlust](, but it's mostly just a playground for me. I see something that looks interesting and I bring it in here and build a prototype to experiment with it (mainly because that's how I learn). For instance, buried deep in the bowels of the code lies at least 3 implementations for scrapers (using tornado, gevent, and twisted. I think I'm going to settle on gevent, btw).
+Sometimes things will reach a quiescent point and I clean it up a bit (e.g. the dynamic sqlalchemy models for automagically making tables for plugins). I guess what I'm saying is use at your own risk and feel free to contribute because there are probably many superior solutions out there and I'd like to see them.
+Anyway, this thing will fetch raw data from the following sources:
* [imdb](
* [netflix](
+* [flixster/rotten tomatoes](
+That data is then imported into one of the following sinks:
+* [MongoDB](
-That data is then imported into the following sinks:
+The following sinks are currently broken:
* [SQLAlchemy]( (use your preferred relational db behind it)
-Coming soon: freebase source and mongodb sink
+Coming soon: freebase source? box office data? sqlalchemy working?
-Copy the `config_sample.ini` to `config.ini` and edit it to your liking
+Copy the `config_sample.ini` to `config.ini` and edit it to your liking. There are also a couple more static options in the base `` file.
This will show you all the options for fetching and importing:

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