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👋 My personal site built in Gatsby and deployed via Netlify
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👋 Gatsby Me

This is my personal site, built with Gatsby and deployed via Netlify. This site use to be built on Jekyll, I have used Jekyll for many projects and love how it works. However, I thought it was the time to step into the light of React.

I always wanted my personal site to be a static site, something nice and simple to display blog posts. I looked no futher than Gatsby I used the following tutorial on YouTube to teach myself the basics of Gatsby, as well as React and graphql.

Now I am not going to lie, I always looked at React and my brain started to fizzle. I normally use standard HTML and SCSS sytanx to build my sites, I also generally only use Python. Going from a nice easy typeable sytnax such as Python to JSX was a nightmare to begin with SO MANY BRACKETS. The more I used the React componets and other elements of Gatsby I began to see it's true power.

  • SCSS modules
  • Componets
  • Plugins
  • GraphQL
  • And so much more.

I eventually started to enjoy using React so much, that I am going to do more projects with it. I plan on using it, along side Django or Flask to compliment my Python knowledge.

The site isn't finished by any means, I still have a lot to do with it such as...


  • Add social icons to the footer
  • Create a Dark Mode
  • Use the Github API to populate my pinned repos
  • Create some Pagination for the blog posts
  • Get contentful set up for .md pages
  • Order the blog posts by date created
  • Maybe create another page to display larger projects
  • Add a mobile responsive navbar
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