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Encdroid is an Android application for accessing EncFS volumes on cloud storage
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Encdroid is an application for Android devices to access data in EncFS volumes stored locally on the device OR on cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Encdroid uses encfs-java in order to fully support all types of EncFS volumes and all possible operations on these volumes including ability to write/rename/move files and directories.


The easiest way to install Encdroid is through the Google Play store.


The recommended way to build Encdroid is to either import the project using Android Studio, or using gradle directly through the command line. For example to build the debug APK from the command line use the following:

ANDROID_HOME=/path/to/your/android/sdk/dir ./gradlew assembleDebug

Once the build completes the resulting APK will be under encdroid/build/outputs/apk/endroid-debug.apk

For a fully functional build see the instructions below on "Dropbox API keys".

Target API Level

The recommended API level to build Encdroid against is currently: 21

Dropbox API Keys

Since Dropbox API keys should be kept as a secret by each developer, this repository doesn't contain valid Dropbox API keys. In order to get Dropbox functionality working one must obtain their own Dropbox API keys through the [Dropbox developer website] ( and then replace the stubs for APP_KEY and APP_SECRET in with their own keys. If you are planning to contribute patches or pull requests to the project please make sure to NOT disclose your own API keys.

Android NDK

Since version 1.3 Encdroid also includes native code for improving PBKDF2 performance. The encdroid/src/main/jni/ directory contains prebuilt versions of the openssl libcrypto shared library for armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips and x86. A small JNI glue library in jni/pbkdf2.c provides PBKDF2 functionality using openssl. The gradle build requires the NDK to be installed to build the native components of the project.

Required Libraries

Libraries required to build Encdroid are committed to this repository under the libs/ folder. The following notable libraries are used:

  • encfs-java
  • dropbox-android-sdk
  • json_simple (required by dropbox-android-sdk)
  • Google API client
  • Google HTTP client
  • Google API service for drive
  • Google Play services auth
  • Google Play services for drive

Note that openssl-android is also a requirement, however this repository contains prebuilt versions of the library under jni/ so the project can be built without compiling openssl-android from scratch.


Encdroid is free software released under the GNU General Public License. For more information, please see the LICENSE file and the Free Software Foundation website.

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