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GNOME integration for Spotify

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Spotify GNOME Integration

This is a python script which adds GNOME integration to Spotify. Specifically the following features are supported:

  • Notification display with cover art when changing tracks
  • Use media keys to control playback (patch by Mathieu Virbel)
  • Notification tray icon for current track
  • DBUS integration (Media Player Indicator gnome-shell extension displays what Spotify is playing)
  • Launch spotify:// URL's (playlists etc.) from other applications such as a browser.

Has been tested to work with Spotify


Instead of launching spotify directly launch


This script was created by David Martinez ( I've also incorporated Mathieu Virbel's media keys patch. I'm planning on continuing to maintain this script with newer Spotify versions and perhaps add more features to integrate tighter with future GNOME releases.


This script is licensed under the GPLv3.

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