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Fluxor is a zero boilerplate Flux/Redux library for Microsoft .NET

Join the chat at


If you are new to Fluxor, or to the Flux/Redux approach in general then this YouTube video by Chris Clement is an excellent introduction.


The aim of Fluxor is to create a multi-UI, single-state store approach to front-end development without the headaches typically associated with other implementations, such as the overwhelming amount of boiler-plate code required just to add a very basic feature.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to read the documentation. Which includes tutorials that are numbered in an order recommended for learning Fluxor. Each will have a README file that explains how the tutorial was created.


You can download the latest release / pre-release NuGet packages from the official Fluxor nuget pages.

Release notes

See the Releases page for release history.

Upgrading from Blazor.Fluxor (v1 or v2)

See the Upgrading instructions for instructions on how to upgrade from Blazor.Fluxor V1 or V2 to Fluxor.