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This is a plugin for the Play Framework that generates RESTful API endpoints for a domain model defined as case classes.

To use

  • Add the following resolver to your Build.scala:

      resolvers += "playful-rest on GitHub" at ""
  • And then add the following dependency:

      "playful-rest" %% "playful-rest" % "1.0"
  • Implement some serialization traits, or ad a dependency on one of the predefined libraries

  • Create your model case classes in the model package.

  • If needed, create some Play JSON formatters in a separate class

  • Create a Play Global.scala:

      import play.api.GlobalSettings
      import play.api.mvc.RequestHeader
      import play.api.mvc.Handler
      import play.api.libs.json._
      import com.mongodb.casbah.Imports._
      import play.api.libs.functional.syntax.functionalCanBuildApplicative
      import play.api.libs.functional.syntax.toFunctionalBuilderOps
      import persistence.ObjectIdFormat
      object Global extends GlobalSettings {
        val restSupport =[ObjectIdFormat] 
        override def onRouteRequest(request: RequestHeader): Option[Handler] =, request.method)

One GOTCHA to watch out for - when you change one of the case classes in your model, you'll need to do a full build if you want the change to be reflected in the REST API. I'm looking for a way around this, and will publish here if/when I find one.

More Information

Have a read of the series of blog posts on ScottLogic's blog, or take a look at the example branch.

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