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=============================== tw-heuristic sequential track !

To create an executable just do "make".
tw-heuristic will be created

$ make

======================================= Steps to create our experiment results This is script we have used to test on our machine

If one runs, this creates a "*_log.csv" file by executing all the testcases inside the "test/easy" folder

To run on other folder e.g medium, hard and random. One needs to edit the line 4 to suitable folder appropriately.


Then the kill script should be scheduled in crontab! by doing crontab -e.

"/home/rajz/c/pace/bitbucket/tw-heuristic/" should be replaced appropriately before starting run_script.

e.g */1 * * * * /home/rajz/c/pace/bitbucket/tw-heuristic/ >> /home/rajz/c/pace/killlog

The default time is 2 mins for the easy testcases. While running on other folder medium, hard, random,etc One needs to edit the line 6 to suitable 5, 59, 10, respectively.

========================================================================= Remarks

  1. We ran using the updated test bed. For some test cases our program is is printing only the s-line and nothing after that.
  2. However if we run our program on those testcases manually it is working perfectly as it should be. =========================================================================