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<?xml version="1.0"?>
Mon Oct 10 19:20:36 EEST 2016, Nikos Koukis
Launchfile demonstrating the mrpt_graphslam_2d application. Ground-Truth path
is also shown to compare with the algorithm trajectory estimation. Practically
this constitutes a wrapper around the sr_graphslam_demo.launch file
- Do not define arguments not present in the sr_graphslam_demo due to the
corresponding bug:
Make sure that you have downloaded the corresponding dataset from here:
See the file for more information on this
<arg name="robot_ns" value="youbot_15" />
<arg name="output" default="screen" />
<arg name="disable_MRPT_visuals" default="false" />
<arg name="bag_dir" default="$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/rosbags/sr_graphslam_demo" />
<arg name="bag_file" default="records_with_gt.bag"/>
<arg name="bag_file_full" default="$(arg bag_dir)/$(arg bag_file)"/>
<!-- Should we also start an instance of rviz ? -->
<arg name="start_rviz" default="true" />
<arg name="rviz_file" value="$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/rviz/sr_graphslam_demo_gt.rviz" />
<arg name="anchor_frame_ID" value="mf1_anchor" />
<!--<arg name = "config_file" value = "$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/config/ros_odometry_2DRangeScans.ini" />-->
<!--<arg name = "config_file" value = "$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/config/ros_odometry_2DRangeScans_LC_MR_real.ini" />-->
<!--<arg name = "config_file" value = "$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/config/ros_laser_odometry_LC_MR_real.ini" />-->
<arg name = "config_file" value = "$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/config/ros_laser_odometry.ini" />
<!--<arg name="NRD" value="CFixedIntervalsNRD" />-->
<arg name="NRD" value="CICPCriteriaNRD" />
<arg name="ERD" value="CICPCriteriaERD" />
<!--<arg name="ERD" value="CLoopCloserERD" />-->
<arg name="GSO" value="CLevMarqGSO" />
<!-- Run single-robot graphSLAM -->
<include file="$(find mrpt_graphslam_2d)/launch/sr_graphslam_demo.launch" pass_all_args="true">
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