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Simpletastic is a super lightweight framework (actually just a few lines of code) written in Sass which greatly simplifies the creation of fluid grids on responsive environments. It is designed for people tired of complex frameworks with tons of sometimes useless options who want to write something quick and simple.

Forget about calculating weird percentages or using magic numbers, inspired by this article by Harry Roberts. Instead of defining a class name like .span-3 or .large-6, which has little meaning and is not very easy to memorize, let Simpletastic abstract these widths into comprehensible human-friendly fractions. For example, you can have 3 columns, with which each one being one-third of the available space @include column (1, 3), or one-half @include column (1, 2), or even four-twelfths @include column (4, 12). Any combination that suits your needs is possible.

It uses display: inline-block to place elements, so everything can be aligned vertically and horizontally.

Check all the examples here.


  • Sass 3.2+ (silent classes are used, which means that the classes never get compiled to CSS until they are explicitly expanded into another class.)

Getting started

In your main style sheet:

@import "grid";

Then just 2 steps, without any previous configuration :)

  1. Extend the %row invisible class to any .class-name or <tag> that is going to be the container for the columns. This is basically a clear-fix.

    @extend %row;
  2. And include the column mixin in the child element(s). In this case one-third of the available space:

    @include column(1 of 3);



  1. Nesting. For nested columns, instead of using the mixin columns, it would be nested-columns adding a new parameter with the parent fractions, like this:

    @include nested-column(1 of 2, 3 of 4);


  2. Automatic Rows. Only for this case an extra @include which removes the margin-right every N times is needed:

    @include row-each(1);

    Automatic Rows


The only default setting is the gutter size which, by default, is set to 2%, can be overridden. Any percentage value, including 0 to remove it, can be used.

$default-gutter-width: 2% !default;

You can also override the gutter for any column by simply passing the new size to the column mixin using a third parameter:

li { @include column(1 of 3, 0%); }

// Or…

li { @include column(1 of 3, 10%); }


IE 9 +, Chrome and Firefox lastest versions.


Fran Pérez @mrrocks


Simplestastic is a super lightweight framework written in SASS that makes it super easy create to fluid grids.






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