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Hey Michael,

I've added a patch for mongoid 3.0 compatibility + refactoring things a bit, moved the include Paperclip calls into the self.include section where it belongs to.

Also, if you don't mind i've made the original has_attached_file method work, it seems a bit silly to define your own method in this case.



You wrote that Mongoid 3 doesn't have logger. Why did you leave that line there?


in case someone still uses it with mongoid 2

Proghat commented Jul 22, 2012

What does that syntax mean?


regarding begin - rescue that's a try/catch for ruby

Proghat commented Jul 22, 2012

Is it work for you? Shoult not it raise exception to upper level if no rescue block found? I made little experiment:


i've checked, this one works :)


For Mongoid3 logger issue, I've submitted the pull request #25, which have already been merged into develop branch(not master).

sdhull commented Jan 29, 2014

If this is still relevant, close this PR and make a new PR into develop (after rebasing your branch on develop), so it can apply cleanly.

Sorry it took so long to review. Once upon a time I made a contributor for this repo, but have since moved to using carrierwave with mongoid. At any rate since I have commit rights, I feel somewhat obligated to review PRs, but it's not exactly high on my list of priorities.

sdhull commented Feb 21, 2014

Yeah I don't think this is still relevant. Closing for now. Comment if I'm off base here.

@sdhull sdhull closed this Feb 21, 2014
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