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Use Foreman instead of Bluepill.

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Michael van Rooijen
Michael van Rooijen committed Jun 26, 2011
1 parent 567ad73 commit 702f789147ded2e3b0b9230f6ee7af4b2fa6ebea
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  1. +3 −6 lib/rvm/provision
@@ -26,13 +26,10 @@ curl > ~/.ge
# Install latest bundler version so we can install all application gems
gem install bundler
+gem install bundler --pre
-# Install Bluepill for process monitoring
-gem install bluepill
-mkdir -p /var/bluepill && chown -R $DEPLOYER_USERNAME:www-data /var/bluepill
-# Install Backup for performing backups
-gem install backup
+# Install Foreman for process monitoring with Upstart
+gem install foreman
# Ensure the deployment user is added to the RVM group

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