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Webbynode Rapid Deployment Gem
This deployment engine is highly experimental and
should be considered beta code for now.
Initial Setup
Setup an initial Webbynode repository with:
webbynode init [webby_ip] []
* This will initialize git
* This will add and commit what you currently have
* This will add Webbynode to "git remote"
Now, deploy your application with:
webbynode push
Then, for each update, follow the familiar git workflow:
git add .
git commit -m "My Updates"
And finally, to release the updated version of your application, again, execute:
webbynode push
Webbynode Commands
webbynode remote [command]
* Run a command on the Webby from the applications' root
webbynode remote 'rake my:custom:task'
webbynode remote 'cat log/production.log'
webbynode addkey
* Adds your public SSH key to your Webby so you will no longer
be prompted for your password when interacting with your Webby