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Chess Arbiter Tools

arbitools ------ Version 0.9

Copyright David Gonzalez Gandara 2015 This is free software. Read the LICENSE file for details.

Arbitools is a collection of programs that allow chess arbiters to manage a chess tournament. This is something that traditionally was possible only with non-free software. Arbitools tries to set the GNU way to do it.

It is written in Python 3. It should work in other platforms apart from GNU/Linux.

FEATURES: Up to here, the following tasks are possible:

  • Updating the players data in the database file. You can add missing data like the ELOs, FIDE and nat ID, etc. Supported formats for the database are: .csv, .txt (fide official), .veg
  • Adding a list of extra players to an existing database file.
  • Produce output for standings: a .txt file and a .tex file, ready for pdflatex


  • Detect duplicated players in the elo list and warn the user about it.
  • Appliying tiebreaks.


  • python3
  • lxml -> only if you need xml files from FIDE.
  • xlrd -> only if you need xls files from FEDA.

For more details, refer to the manual.