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Script for generating interactive HTML & JS guides for processes
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Process Guide

A tool for generating HTML process walkthrough guides using Microsoft Excel

Overview Screenshot

Process Guide comprises 2 parts:

  1. An excel/VBA based system for generating/updating processes
  2. An HTML/JS based system for using the processes

Downloading and executing a macro-enabled excel file from the internet clearly has some security implications, I've added the VB script that's executed by excel in a seperate vbs file. You will need to call the ExportAll subrouting manually if you use this as the small window with a handy export button won't be included

Use of the process system:

  • Open the index.html file in your chosen browser

Use of process generator/updater:

  • Open processguide.xlsm
  • Enable macros
  • Duplicate the template tab for each new process
  • Fill sequential numbers down the number field (these aren't parsed, just used for human identification of questions)
  • Enter a question/step followed by definitions for each button (you can define 0,1,2 buttons as required)
  • Once all steps have been completed, click the "Export process" button in the floating dialog

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