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Random linux utilities based on the Oculus Rift SDK.

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Random linux utilities based on the Oculus Rift SDK.


First, you should have thrift installed. To install the packaged version just run:


To build all of the utilities simply run make in the root directory. Each *Util folder also has its own Makefile.


x86_64 libs are hard coded into the make files. Will add a configure script after all of the utils are finished.

Project Layout


  • LibMrrrgn houses classes for connecting to the rift and interacting with X11. Most notably libs/LibMrrrgn/OvrThreadedSensor.cpp contains a useful singleton class which asynchronously stores rift tracking data so it can be pulled at any time with getter methods.

  • third-party houses the oculus SDK and thrift-0.8.0


Simply translates head tracking data from the Rift into mouse movement.


A thrift generated server which will feed Rift data to any thrift supported language. Clients included: python, java, javascript When you build all of the projects from the root directly an example python client is generated.

Using OvrThriftServer/Client

To start the server simply run:

sudo ./OvrThriftServer &

Next try the client:

./ -h localhost status

'Connected to sensor.'

./ -h localhost pull_sensor_fusion_data

SensorFusionData(yaw=-0.10806499421596527, roll=2.8089821338653564, pitch=-0.018525507301092148)

TODO: OvrDesktop

A graphical viewer which renders the linux desktop in oculus ready stereo. Head tracking will be supported at some point. Essentially this will be a Linux equivalent to the Deskope project for Windows.

TODO: OvrEmulator

A lot of oculus ready programs throw an error if no device is detected. This will just create a placeholder in /dev so that you can still run in vr mode without having an actual device connected.

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