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A very simple Task Management web app written with Django Admin
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Django Coleman

Django Coleman: A very simple Task Management web app written with Django Admin.


  • Simple task manager that allows to define a tasks with title, partner (customer, provider...), description, responsible of the task, priority...
  • Each task may have items: sub-tasks to be done.
  • The built-in Django Authentication and Authorization system to manage users and groups, login, etc.
  • Module django-adminfilters that allows multiselection searches.
  • Module django-advanced-filters that allows to make more complex searches.
  • Send emails when a task is created.
  • Spanish translations.
  • Basic Rest API configuration (disabled by default, check the INSTALLED_APPS setting)
  • Optionally, you can use Django Coleman along with Django Coleman Viewer to allows users to follow the orders

Django Coleman


  • Python 3.5+ (tested with Python 3.6).
  • Django 2.2 and other dependencies declared in the requirements.txt file (use virtual environments!).
  • A Django compatible database like PostgreSQL (by default uses the Python's built-in SQLite database for development purpose).

Install and Run

(Optional) Create a virtual environment and activate it with:

$ python3 -m venv .venv && source .venv/bin/activate

Install dependencies with:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ pip install -r requirements-dev.txt       # For DEV environments

Create the database with:

$ python3 makemigrations
$ python3 makemigrations mtasks
$ python3 makemigrations partner
$ python3 migrate

To create an admin user:

$ python3 createsuperuser

Then run in development mode with:

$ python3 runserver

Or use the script to startup in the same mode:

$ ./ dev

Some settings can be overwritten with environment variables. For example to overwrite the language translations of the application and set debug options to false:

$ DEBUG=False LANGUAGE_CODE=es-ar python3 runserver

Available settings to override are:

  • DEBUG: set the Django DEBUG option. Default True.
  • TIME_ZONE: default UTC. Other example: America/Buenos_Aires.
  • LANGUAGE_CODE: default en-us. Other example: es-ar.
  • SITE_HEADER: Header title of the app. Default to "Django Coleman - A Simple Task Manager".
  • DATABASE_URL: Database string connection. Default uses SQLite database. Other example: postgresql://dcoleman:postgres@localhost/dcoleman_dev.
  • More settings like email notifications, check the file for more details, any variable that is set with os.getenv(... is able to be configured using environment variables.

To run in a production environment, check the README-production.rst notes, or see the official Django documentation.

Access the application

Like any Django app developed with Django Admin, enter with: http://localhost:8000/admin

Django Coleman Viewer

Django Coleman Viewer is a small webapp that can be used along with Django Coleman to allow "partners" (customers, employees, providers...) to see their orders anonymously, without access to the Django Admin.

You need to enable the email notifications and set TASKS_VIEWER_ENABLED = True setting to send the emails with the viewer order URL. See more configurations in the coleman/ file, and checkout the viewer project.


Some tips if you are improving this application.


After add to the source code new texts to be translated, execute from the root folder (replace LANG by a valid language code like es):

$ django-admin makemessages -l LANG

Then go to the .po file and add the translations. Finally execute to compile the locales:

$ django-admin compilemessages

Oldest Django versions

The master branch works with Django 2.2. The are two more branches:

  • django/2.0
  • django/1.11

With the source code that works for each version of Django, and maybe tweaking some configurations can works with oldest versions too.

Some screenshots

Django Coleman - Task Chance View

Django Coleman - Task Chance View, mobile version



Authors: (2017-2019) Mariano Ruiz <>

License: AGPL-v3

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