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Welcome to the ICS2O Course Page!

The information below is for guidance only. Please see your teacher for more information.

Course information


This section will contain links to all of the course assignments. They are grouped by Overarching Learning Goal (OLG). Be aware that within each OLG, the material is in a suggested chronological order for completing the work to ease your understanding of the materials.

Computer Systems:

Programming Concepts

Digital Citizenship


All of the course notes will be linked to through this section. If you find other notes that you believe would prove useful for a particular item, please deposit a link to the IN drive folder "Suggested Notes".

Programming Examples (alphabetical order)

The example programs also include notes directly in their files. This will be updated over time to move the notes into this Wiki.

Programming Resources

Programming Language and Resources for Processing

Licensing and Notices

Creative Commons License
All of the written work contained herein falls under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, unless otherwise explicitly noted (there are a few pages that contain works that do not fall under this license. They will be noted at the bottom of their respective pages).

All code found within the site falls under the MIT License

All other content, including images, are copyright their respective owners.

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