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Welcome to the ICS4U Course Page!

Course information


This section will contain links to all of the course assignments. They are grouped by Overarching Learning Goal (OLG). Be aware that within each OLG, the material is in a suggested chronological order for completing the work to ease your understanding of the materials.

If you believe you can show your understanding of certain materials in another manner (excluding the project management section), please discuss with your teacher well ahead of the deadline.

📙 Project Management

Air Systems Summer Systems
Water Systems Winter Systems
Fire Systems Autumn Systems
Earth Systems (Culminating) Spring Systems (Culminating)

📘 Programming Concepts

📗 Digital Sage


All of the course notes can be found [here]( If you find other notes that you believe would prove useful for a particular item, please deposit a link to the IN drive folder and tag it as a suggestion in some way.

Editor(s) and Installed Software

  • Processing 3.3.5 would be useful for Processing 3
  • Unity 2018 would be useful for Unity
  • Code::Blocks would be useful for C++
  • Visual Studio could be useful for C++, C#, Xamarin, or Python
  • Notepad++ would be useful for Lua, Love2D, Python, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. (almost any language)
  • NetBeans would be useful for Java
  • Eclipse would be useful for Java
  • PyCharm or Python 3.7 GUI would be useful for Python 3
    • For anyone that needs to install packages yourself, you have two options:
      • You can use to complete your work. If you need a GUI, you can use the PySimpleGUIWeb package to get a GUI going. If you do choose this and want to run the program offline (like any other native Windows application) you just have to remove the "Web" portion (i.e. PySimpleGUI) from the package name, and ensure that PySimpleGUI is installed as a package you can use (more in the next point).
        • Important Note: Not all options that are available in the PySimpleGUI will be available in the PySimpleGUIWeb.
      • Otherwise, you can download WinPython3 to install to a USB key. The WinPython64- file is the typical one to install. After installing that, you can then install PyCharm onto your USB key as well. You might have to do these 2 steps at home before coming in to us the program at school. Inside of PyCharm, you will have to change which Interpreter PyCharm is using so that it runs off of the USB Key instead of the school's version. To do this, follow these steps:
        • Load up PyCharm
        • Go to File -> Settings
        • Go into Project: <projectName>
        • Click on the gear in the top right corner to locate your interpreter (on the USB key, you are looking for python.exe).
        • Press Okay when you are done.
        • You might have to install packages when you are not at school onto your WinPython USB installation due to permissions.
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