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minitest-perf stores information about your minitest runs so that you can later analyze and see where the pain points are. It's in pretty early beta status, so I'm more than glad to receive bug reports and feature suggestions.

The current version works with Minitest 5 thanks to @nateberkopec, for Minitest 4 use version 0.0.3.


Add gem 'minitest-perf' to your Gemfile.

How it works

Every test that is executed is stored in a sqlite database for later query. Just require minitest/perf somewhere in your test_helper, and you're good to go. Internally, minitest/perf includes itself as just another module and starts feeding the sqlite database.

The sqlite database is stored by default as .minitest-perf.db. It can be set using either the environment variable MINITEST_PERF_DATABASE_URL, or the DATABASE_URL.

Or setting it directly via ruby with:

Minitest::Perf.database_url = 'sqlite3://localhost/some_other_file.db'

So far only local sqlite3 databases allowed, but I'm using the database url strategy to allow for flexibility in the future.

An executable is provided that prints a very basic analysis of the information it already has, but the sqlite database is perfectly normal, so you can do your own queries.

This is an example:

$ minitest-perf
Slowest individual tests

      190.98ms | JobsCategoriesControllerLoggedOutTest#test_show_action_should_render_show_page_without_contact_distance_call_for_logged_out_users
      161.12ms | APostingFrozenNotificationActiveRecordTestCasTest#test_should_log_the_exception_and_any_additional_data_when_a_PerlBackend::Error_is_thrown
      147.39ms | VersionsTest#test_rubygems_version
      132.52ms | JobsCategoriesControllerLoggedInTest#test_show_action_should_show__all__postings_of_a_category_for_logged_in_users
      124.21ms | JobsCategoriesControllerLoggedInTest#test_should_show_all_postings_of_selected_subcategories
      122.99ms | OrderReachedAboutToRunOutOfPostingsBeforeLast24HoursTest#test_should_return_false_if_at_amount_left_is_15_percent_of_amount,_and_last_posting_created_within_24_hours
      121.98ms | JobsCategoriesControllerLoggedOutTest#test_show_action_should_show_all_public_postings_for_logged_out_users
      116.97ms | JobsCategoriesControllerUserDependantLanguageTest#test_should_show_postings_in_categories_user's_browser_language_and_default_language_en_logged-out
      110.12ms | JobsCategoriesControllerUserDependantLanguageTest#test_caching_of_cities_is_dependant_on_the_user's_language_logged-in
      109.20ms | PostingsControllerNewActionTest#test_should_take_the_posters_business_country_as_default_country_for_new_postings_on_GET

Slowest test suites

      116.07ms |    3 | JobsCategoriesControllerLoggedOutTest
      113.54ms |    2 | JobsCategoriesControllerUserDependantLanguageTest
       98.19ms |    1 | PublishToCompanyPostingControllerTest
       97.81ms |    1 | ShowActionPagingForPostingSearchTest
       79.66ms |    1 | PostingMostViewedNamedScopeTest
       78.92ms |    3 | OrderReachedAboutToRunOutOfPostingsBeforeLast24HoursTest
       68.92ms |    1 | Jobs::ProductAvailabilityTimePeriodOverlapTest
       68.53ms |    1 | TheMotherOfAllBillingCycleTests
       66.77ms |    4 | CategoriesTest
       62.60ms |    2 | RecommendationsActivityBoxFallbackTest


These are nice to haves I'd like to implement in the future:

  • Store also in mysql
  • Web interface


Save test run data to find slow tests and other interesting information



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